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Thursday, May 17

Austin critics expand pool of award nominees

By Michael Barnes
American-Statesman Arts Writer
Thursday, May 17, 2001

Austin's arts critics added new dance, art and music categories to their annual Austin Critics Table Awards nominations this week. Participating critics for the 2000-2001 season, which ended April 30, include Austin Chronicle editor Robert Faires (arts), American-Statesman staff reporters Michael Barnes and Jeanne Claire van Ryzin (arts), and local free-lance writers Rob Curran (art), Jamie Smith Cantara (theater), Mike Huebner (music), Dawn Davis Loring (dance), Sondra Lomax (dance), Moira Muldoon (theater) and Robi Polgar (music). The critics will present the awards at a date and venue to be announced.



Show: "Circumference of a Squirrel" (Zachary Scott Theatre), "Closer" (Zachary Scott Theatre), "Death of a Salesman" (St. Edward's University), "A Macbeth" (State Theater), "One Flea Spare" (School of Night Productions with Frontera @ Hyde Park Theatre), "Requiem for Tesla" (Rude Mechanicals).

Director: Ann Ciccolella ("Closer"), Shoshana Gold ("Circumference of a Squirrel"), Mark Hunter ("One Flea Spare"), Robi Polgar ("King Lear"), Guy Roberts ("A Macbeth"), Shawn Sides ("Requiem for Tesla"), Sharon Sparlin ("Troilus and Cressida").

Actress: Kara Bliss ("Closer"), Janelle Buchanan ("Abundance"), Barbara Chisholm ("Abund-

ance"), Jamie McNatt ("The Lover"), Andrea Osborn ("Closer"), Annie Suite ("Death of a Salesman").

Actor: Martin Burke ("Circ-

umference of a Squirrel"), Michael Costello ("Death of a Salesman"), Michael Miller ("Closer," "Requiem for Tesla"), Paul Norton ("Closer," "King Lear"), Jaston Williams ("Tru").

Supporting actress: Myrna Cabello ("La Carpa Garcia," "Roosters"), Sarah Richardson ("War"), Rebecca Robertson ("Troilus and Cressida"), Katie Van Winkle ("One Flea Spare"), Jennifer Underwood ("The Cripple of Inishmaan").

Supporting actor: Ira Bowman ("One Flea Spare"), Robert Fisher ("Requiem for Tesla"), Pranav Gandhi ("Bricks and Lyrics"), Judson Jones ("A Macbeth"), Guy Roberts ("The Beauty Queen of Leenane"), Brent Werzner ("Death of a Salesman").


Show: "Anton in Show Business" (State Theater), "Art" (Zachary Scott Theatre), "The Baltimore Waltz" (UT Theatre and Dance), "E/R" (St. Edward's University), "Light Up the Sky" (Austin Playhouse), "Women Who Steal" (State Theater).

Director: Skip Greer ("Women Who Steal"), Scott Kanoff ("Anton in Show Business"), Ev Lunning ("E/R"), Johanna McKeon ("The Baltimore Waltz"), Gordon Peacock ("The Madwoman of Chaillot"), Sarah Richardson ("Art").

Actress: Pam Christian ("The Madwoman of Chaillot"), Babs George ("Anton in Show Business," "Barefoot in the Park," "Light of the Sky," "Women Who Steal"), Peyton Hayslip ("Talley's Folly"), Andrea Osborn ("Anton in Show Business"), Jill Parker-Jones ("Women Who Steal").

Actor: Chad Daniels ("The Devil's Disciple"), Chris Doubek ("Art"), Tim Russ ("E/R"), David Stahl ("Art"), Dirk Van Allen ("Light Up the Sky"), Jon Watson ("Art").

Supporting actress: Patricia Arredondo ("LCP Sells Out"), Mary Agen Cox ("Light Up the Sky"), Erica Saenz ("LCP Sells Out"), Lara Toner ("Angel's Balcony"), Helen Merino ("Anton in Show Business," "A Midsummer Night's Dream"), Jennifer Underwood ("The Devil's Disciple").

Supporting actor: Lowell Bartholomee ("A Midsummer Night's Dream"), Bradley Carlin ("Barefoot in the Park"), Judson Jones ("Bleacher Bums"), Steve Shearer ("Women Who Steal"), Nick Walker ("LCP Sells Out").


Show: "The Butcher's Daughter" (Refraction Arts), "Evita" (Zachary Scott Theatre), "Godspell" (Southwestern University), "Jouét" (Zachary Scott Theatre), "The Music Man" (Austin Musical Theatre), "Oklahoma!" (Austin Musical Theatre).

Director: Kevin Archambault ("You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"), Jason Neulander ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Rick Roemer ("Godspell"), Dave Steakley ("Evita," "Jouét"), Scott Thompson ("The Music Man"), Scott Thompson and Richard Byron ("A Chorus Line," "Oklahoma!").

Actress: LuAnn Aronson ("The Music Man"), Jacqui Cross ("Mahalia"); Meredith McCall ("Jouét"), Phyllis Slattery ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Stephanie Swenson ("The Butcher's Daughter"), Anneliese van der Pol ("Oklahoma!"), Claire Vangelisti ("HMS Pinafore").

Actor: Kevin Earley ("Oklahoma!"), Larry Gatlin ("The Music Man"), Dan Giradot ("HMS Pinafore"), Dan Sullivan ("Evita"), Clint Gilfillan ("You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown").

Supporting actress: Brooks Almy ("The Music Man"), Sharon Elmore ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Tari Kelly ("Oklahoma!"), Jill Leberknight ("West Side Story"), Marita Stryker ("Evita," "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown").

Supporting actor: Ron Berry ("The Butcher's Daughter"), Dan Dietz ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Gerard Lebeda ("Rockin' Christmas Party"), Noah Racey ("Okla-

homa!"), Scotty Roberts ("The Music Man"), Alex Rollins ("The Music Man"), Luis Villabon ("A Chorus Line").


Scenery: Christopher McCollum ("Hamlet," "A Macbeth," "Oklahoma!"), Stephen Pruitt ("Requiem for Tesla"), Michael Raiford ("Jouét," "Evita"), Cliff Simon ("Madwoman of Chaillot"), Leilah Stewart ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Jen Yung-Hsin ("The Baltimore Waltz").

Costumes: Leslie Bonnell ("Evita," "Jouét," "Requiem for Tesla"), Susan Branch ("Okla-

homa!"), Amy Burrell ("Entre Lo Que Me Quieres a Te Quiero"), Pam Fletcher ("Roses and Thistles"), Buffy Manners ("A Macbeth").

Lights: Jason Amato ("Jouét," "Elytra"), David Duecker ("Wallpaper Psalm"), Zach Murphy ("Requiem for Tesla"), Tony Tucci ("A Macbeth," "Okla-

homa!"), Robert Whyburn ("Evita," "West Side Story").

Sound: Duncan Robert Edwards ("Oklahoma!"), Gunn Brothers ("A Macbeth"), Buzz Moran ("Requiem for Tesla"), Sharon Sparlin ("Troilus and Cressida"), Mark Stewart ("Back Bog Beast Bait").


Original script: "Bricks and Lyrics" (Abhi jat Joshi), "The Butcher's Daughter (Jennifer Haley), "Circumference of a Squirrel" (John Walch), "Hang Town Fry" (Adam Sobsey), "Jouét" (Allen Robertson), "Requiem for Tesla" (Kirk Lynn), "Women Who Steal" (Carter Lewis).

Movement: Kevin Archambault ("A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"), Bonnie Cullum and Chad Salvata ("Elytra"), Jay Jennings ("West Side Story"), Sharon Sparlin ("Troilus and Cressida"), Dave Steakley ("Evita"), Scott Thompson ("The Music Man"), Scott Thompson and Richard Byron ("A Chorus Line," "Oklahoma!").

Music direction: Fred Barton ("The Music Man," "Oklahoma!"), Darcie Deaville ("Back Bog Beast Bait"), Jeffrey Jones-Ragona ("HMS Pinafore"), Graham Reynolds ("Intergalatic Nemisis," "Seven Rooms to the Soul," "Wallpaper Psalm"), Allen Robertson ("Jouét," "Tapestry").

Touring show: "Cabaret" (UT Performing Arts Center), "Eleanor: Her Secret Journey" (Paramount Theatre/Actors Repertory of Texas), "Ragtime" (UT-PAC), "The Vagina Monologues" (Paramount Theatre), "Waiting for Godot" (UT-PAC).


Dance show (large): "Almost Virtual" (Tapestry Dance Company), "Automated Body Project" (Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks); "Don Quixote" (Ballet Austin), "Entre Lo Que Me Quieres a Te Quiero" (Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks), "Leaf Storm" (Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks), "Hamlet" (Ballet Austin).

Dance show (small to medium): "Blue Pearl" (Sally Jacques), "The Bystander" (Kathy Dunn Hamrick), "Separate Views" (Andee Scott), "Seven Rooms to the Soul" (Ariel Dance Theatre); "The Tango Project" (Aztlan Dance Company).

Touring dance show: Austin Festival of Dance (Paramount Theatre), Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (UT-PAC), Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (UT-PAC), Ralph Lemon (UT-PAC), Alonzo King's Lines Contemporary Ballet (UT-PAC), Parsons Dance Company (UT-PAC).

Choreographer: Andrea Ariel, Andrea Beckham, José Bustamante, Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Sally Jacques, Stephen Mills.

Dancer (male): Anthony Casati, SethJohn Davis, Chris Hannon, Nicholas Young.

Dancer (female): Laura Cannon, Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Acia Gray, Theresa Hardy, Inga Loujerenko, Gina Patterson, Carolyn Pavlik.

Classical music

Symphonic concert: Austin Chamber Orchestra (with Jeff Bradetich), Austin Symphony Orchestra (with Leon Fleisher), Austin Symphony Orchestra (Sibelius Symphony No. 5), Austin Symphony Orchestra (Copland Centennial), Austin Symphony Orchestra (Welcher's Symphony No. 2, "Night Watchers"), UT Symphony (Mahler's Symphony No. 1).

Choral concert: "All Night Vigil" (Conspirare Choir), "Elijah" (New Texas Music Works"), "Eric Whitacre" (Austin ProChorus), "Fire of the American Spirit" (Austin Civic Chorus), "Rossini's Stabat Mater" (Austin Civic Chorus), "A Tribute to Texas Composers" (Austin ProChorus).

Chamber concert: "Insects: A Musical Entomology in Six Legs" (Austin Chamber Ensemble), "Horn Concerto" (Stephen Montague), "Medieval Songs" (Texas Early Music Project), "String Quartets of Béla Bartk" (Cavani String Quartet).

Opera: "Cold Sassy Tree" (Austin Lyric Opera), "King Arthur" (La Follia/Texas Early Music Project), "The Rape of Lucretia" (UT Opera); "Die Walküre" (ALO); "Madama Butterfly" (ALO), "Wallpaper Psalm" (Salvage Vanguard Theater).

Touring music show: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields (UT-PAC), Bang on a Can All-Stars (UT-PAC), Hamza El Din (UT-PAC), Patti LuPone (Paramount Theatre), Yo-Yo Ma (UT-PAC).

Singer (male): Neil Blumofe ("Jonah"), Karl Dent ("Elijah"), Dean Peterson ("Cold Sassy Tree"), Christopher LeCluyse ("King Arthur"), John McVeigh ("Cold Sassy Tree").

Singer (female): Renata Behle ("Die Walküre"), Ai-Lan Zhu ("Madama Butterfly"), Marie Plette ("Cold Sassy Tree"), Stephanie Prewitt ("Medieval Songs"), Amy Spencer ("Rinaldo"), Margaret Jane Wray ("Die Walküre").

Instrumentalist: Gregory Allen (Mozart's Piano Concerto in F), Charles Castleman (Bartok's "Violin Rhapsody"), Sophia Gilmson (Bach's "Goldberg Variations"), Anton Nel (Brahms' Quintet in F Minor, No. 2).


Museum show: "Anacronistas" (Mexic-Arte Museum), "Gutenberg to `Gone With the Wind' " (Ransom Center and LBJ Library and Museum), "Rembrandt to Rauschenberg" (Blanton Museum of Art), "Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art From South Africa" (Austin Museum of Art), "The New Frontier: Art and Television, 1960-65" (Austin Museum of Art), "Pressing the Point" (Blanton Museum of Art).

Gallery show: "I2K: Imelda 2000, Bennie Flores Ansell" (Women & Their Work) "La Huella Multiple" (Gallery 106), "Memory Layers" (Tarrytown Gallery), "Julius Shulman: Architecture Photographs" (Lake Austin Fine Arts), "Lance Letscher" (Slugfest Gallery), "Texas Landscapes: Six Women Artists" (Tarrytown Gallery), "Winter Group Exhibition" (Davis Gallery).

Gallery (body of work): Davis Gallery, D. Berman Gallery, Gallery 106, Lake Austin Fine Arts, Ravel Fine Art Gallery, Tarrytown Gallery.

Artist (female): Connie Arismendi, Margie Crisp, Mary Fischer, Lauren Levy, Ann Pizer, Margo Sawyer.

Artist (male): Troy Brauntuch, David Colquitt, Lance Letscher, Murray McMillan, Daniel M. Olsen, Pio Pulido.

You may contact Michael Barnes at 445-3647 or

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